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Fitness Success Titanium Membership

In addition to these titanium recordings you will receive each month, you will also receive the corresponding daytime affirmation recording if there is one available.

Give yourself a fresh start and make this the year to reach your fitness and health goals! Finally, you can apply Steve’s powerful hypnosis techniques to reach optimal fitness levels and give your self- esteem a boost through better health and more energy. Learn how to get the most out of your workout, create a positive attitude, and improve your body image with the new technology used in the Fitness Success Titanium Series. Make yourself a priority and get the support you need to stay fit, focused, and fulfill your long- term fitness and weight loss goals. With Steve’s help, you can do it!

Using the breakthrough technology of the Titanium Series, get the most out of Steve’s hypnosis recordings to finally get in the best shape of your life! With Steve’s reinforcement and guidance, you will maximize your workouts so you can see and feel the results from your peak performance, change your eating habits to get the most out of food, and learn how to effectively incorporate healthy choices into your daily routine. Stay excited while you get closer and closer to your target weight, and learn techniques to maintain your new healthy habits for the rest of your life.

The Fitness Success Titanium Series is now available EXCLUSIVELY through Through this great private introductory offer, you can get Steve’s brand new, high- powered recordings through easy, affordable monthly payments of $18.95. Receive a new recording every month to help keep you focused on your long- term fitness and weight loss goals. Take advantage of this AMAZING value to get in shape, change your lifestyle, and stay motivated to maintain a healthy new you! No more excuses- take action now!

Sign up for the “Fitness Success Titanium Series” for only $18.95/month and you get one new Titanium release per month that promotes your fitness success.

  • Not available to the public
  • Will retail for $259.95 per recording
  • Just $18.95 per recording with enrollment
  • This is your only chance to get it

Advantages over Platinum

These have all of the Platinum effects, plus:

  • 2 dB pulse every 2 minutes in the volume of the musical track to accompany flowing relaxation of binaural tones
  • More dynamic stereo panning allows deeper concentration
  • Advanced delay added to certain areas to reiterate important parts of your script
  • Two distinct spaces have been created through added reverberation to introduce a feeling of traveling deeper into the subconscious and back
  • 70 minute Recordings

Take a look at what you receive in the first twelve months of membership:

Month 1: I Love to Exercise!

In this powerful first program of the Fitness Titanium Series you will discover your new found love of exercise! Exercise is important to every fitness program and this program gives you the motivation you will need to work out.

Month 2: Increase Muscle Mass

With any fitness program it is important to work on building lean muscle mass. This program will allow your muscles to become firmer and leaner. Your mind is very powerful and during this month you will notice a positive change in your muscles and in your strength.

Month 3: Weight Loss

With any fitness program comes weight loss. This program will encourage you to eat healthy foods and it will teach you the benefits of working on your cardiovascular system. This powerful program will help you get the results you have been seeking throughout the Fitness Titanium Series.

Month 4: Increase Energy

As you continue to exercise and eat properly, you will be amazed by how much added energy you have this month. The powerful Increase Energy program will target your mind and body to give you that extra boost of energy you have been looking for. This energy will last through out the day, every day.

Month 5: Immune System Booster

In order to stick with your fitness routine, you have to be healthy at all times! This month will target your immune system to give you an extra boost. The Immune System Booster program will help you fight of illness so that you are in peak shape to work on your fitness.

Month 6: Discover Food as Fuel

In this month you will learn that foods give you fuel to reach your maximum physical fitness. Your mind will become trained to decipher which foods make your body perform better and more powerful and which foods do not. This powerful program will help you make healthier food choices while maximizing your physical ability.

Month 7: Increase Metabolism

Month seven’s program, Increase Metabolism, will give your body an extra push in order to boost your metabolism. This program will allow you to burn more calories not only while you are exercising, but also throughout your day and even while you are sleeping! An increased metabolism will make you feel better on the inside.

Month 8: Improve your Body Image

By month eight you will be feeling great and looking great, but sometimes you are your own worst critic. The Improve your Body Image program will make you feel better about yourself. During this month, you will notice a boost in confidence and self-esteem!

Month 9: Discover the Art of Breathing

Many people do not realize how important breathing is to overall physical fitness. Whether you are getting cardiovascular exercise or lifting weights, it is important that you are aware of your breathing. This program will teach you how to focus on your breathing and to maximize the benefit received by your breathing pattern.

Month 10: Achieve your Resolutions

Month ten will help you make your resolutions, stick to your resolutions, and achieve your resolutions. Chances are that you made a resolution ten months ago at the beginning of this series. This program will remind your of your goals and help you achieve them through the difficult times.

Month 11: A New Positive Attitude

Throughout a fitness program it is important to keep a positive attitude. With this program you will no longer come up with negative excuses about your fitness. This month you will begin seeing yourself and your surroundings in a whole new positive light!

Month 12: Unlimited Motivation

In this powerful last program of the Fitness Titanium Series you will have unlimited motivation. You will be motivated to keep up with your fitness routine, healthy eating habits, and maintaining your healthy lifestyle. Unlimited Motivation will give you that boost that you need to overcome obstacles and achieve your dreams!

This is just the first twelve months! What you have here is a full year’s worth of personal development/life enhancement.

But aside from creating what we believe to be the BEST resource available on the market today to change and enhance your life, Steve G. Jones has decided to put just as much time and energy into making this program as affordable as possible.

In addition to these titanium recordings you will receive each month, you will also receive the corresponding daytime affirmation recording if there is one available.

Take a look at the value of becoming a member today:

  • 1 Titanium recording per month. A $259.95 value x 12 = $3,119.40
  • 1 Daytime Affirmation recording per month (if available). A $19.95 value x 12 = $239.40
  • Total Value- $3,358.80 per year…ALL for just $18.95 per month!
  • That’s right, you get almost $4,000 worth of resources for just 18.95 per month.
  • Don’t let your procrastination get the best of you this time. CAPITALIZE ON THE OPPORTUNITY NOW!

This is an Automatic Recurring Charge. Upon payment receipt you will receive your username and password to download your first product and each subsequent product every month thereafter.

You may cancel your recurring billing subscription at any time. A cancellation means that no future installments are charged to your account. Canceling a recurring billing product does not generate a refund. If you request a refund, the money for the most recent payment will be refunded back to you as long as it’s within an 8 week period. A refund for this membership subscription will also result in a cancellation.

Click Here To Enroll Now and INSTANTLY Receive Your First Fitness Success Titanium Download!

You can unsubscribe at anytime and your e-mail address will never be sold or rented.


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