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Business Success Titanium Membership

In addition to these titanium recordings you will receive each month, you will also receive the corresponding daytime affirmation recording if there is one available.

Take control over your future! Learn the right techniques to create the security and stability you need to find happiness by achieving your career goals, even in today’s unpredictable economy. Using Steve G. Jones’ Business Success Titanium Series, conquer your fears and reach your professional goals using highly advanced, state of the art hypnosis recordings. The powerful lessons you learn will allow you to write your own success story!

Your professional life is a huge part of your identity and happiness in life. That’s why it’s so important to find your true passion… and earn your fortune by making your dreams come true. The Business Success recordings are the key to becoming the confident, persuasive person you need to be in order to take control of your future and become successful in the business world. Learn how to close deals and negotiate to get what YOU want by making the most of the opportunities you encounter.

Use Steve’s methods to network more effectively and make meaningful connections with those who will help you achieve your goals. The old saying is true- it’s all about who you know, which is why networking will get you where you want to go. Attain the skills to connect with anyone who can be a powerful asset to building your career. Learn the communication skills to find your dream job and become successful- Steve will even help you to master a foreign language to help you expand your network!

Through the Business Success Titanium Series, you will also learn to tackle everything that is holding you back from completing your goals and disable what is blocking you from your greatest accomplishments. Unfortunately, we are often our own biggest obstacles to achieving professional success. Through the amazing self- transformations you can achieve through hypnosis, you can take control of negative thoughts and stop procrastinating by becoming empowered through learning lessons from rejection and failure. You will learn the tools you need to build your own support system and fulfill your full potential!

The Business Success Titanium Series is now available EXCLUSIVELY through Through this great private introductory offer, you can get Steve’s brand new, high- powered recordings through easy, affordable monthly payments of $18.95. Receive a new recording every month to help keep you focused on your professional goals. Take advantage of this AMAZING value to gain the skills to become confident, connected, and successful!

Sign up for the “Business Success Titanium Series” for only $18.95/month and you get one new Titanium release per month that promotes your brain power.

  • Not available to the public
  • Will retail for $259.95 per recording
  • Just $18.95 per recording with enrollment
  • This is your only chance to get it

Advantages over Platinum

These have all of the Platinum effects, plus:

  • 2 dB pulse every 2 minutes in the volume of the musical track to accompany flowing relaxation of binaural tones
  • More dynamic stereo panning allows deeper concentration
  • Advanced delay added to certain areas to reiterate important parts of your script
  • Two distinct spaces have been created through added reverberation to introduce a feeling of traveling deeper into the subconscious and back
  • 70 minute Recordings

Take a look at what you receive in the first twelve months of membership:

Month 1: Discover your Passion

The first powerful month will allow you to discover your passion to develop a life long career. Not only will you know exactly what career path you are on, you will discover your passion for it. Everyone wants to be excited about what they do and now you will too!

Month 2: Find your Perfect Job

In month two you will discover your perfect job. Now that you know what your passion is, you will start looking for your perfect job and this month you will find it! This program will help you figure out exactly what job is the perfect fit for you. You will soon be on the perfect career path for you!

Month 3: Perfect Interview

Month three will prepare you to have the perfect interview for your perfect job. The Perfect Interview program will teach you all the skills necessary for you to land your dream job. In this program you will gain confidence and improve your conversation skills to get the job you have always wanted!

Month 4: Overcome fear of Failure

Don’t let the fear of failure get in the way of your hopes and dreams for business success! At times, everyone is scared they might fail, but the rewards far outweigh the possibility of failure. In this program you will overcome your fear of failure and you will be on the road to success!

Month 5: Overcome fear of Success

Does it ever seem that no matter how hard you try, somehow you keep hitting roadblocks? Your fear of success could be causing this to happen. In this powerful program, you will learn that you are already a success and you will receive tips on how to reach the success you know you are capable of reaching.

Month 6: Overcome fear of Rejection

By month six you may have come to a point in your career where you have been rejected in some way. This program lets you bounce back quickly after being rejected. You will realize that you can quickly recover after being rejected and this month you will learn that you can actually come back with more confidence and motivation after a rejection.

Month 7: Eliminate Procrastination

Becoming a success in your line of work involves getting things done. This month you will be motivated to completely eliminate procrastination from your life. In order to be successful in your career, you will learn the importance of managing your time so that you accomplish your goals.

Month 8: Be a Better Listener

In business it is important for you to be a good listener. Whether you are communicating with employees, clients, or vendors you must create rapport with them. This program will teach you to focus on what is being said to you so that others know that you are a good listener.

Month 9: Master Social Finesse

Month nine you will learn how to master the art of social finesse. In business it is important that your conversational skills are proficient. This program will help you to become a great conversationalist and others will respect you and look up to you.

Month 10: Master the Art of Negotiation

Month ten is a very powerful month where you will learn to master the art of negotiation. Whether you are speaking with potential clients, vendors, or employees, you will learn the skills needed to negotiate. Negotiation is an important skill to learn in order to get what you want to achieve business success.

Month 11: Sales Mastery

In this powerful month, you will gain the skills you need to become a sales master. During the course of this program, you will gain the confidence you need to succeed as an expert in your line of business. Skills you will acquire during this eleventh month include: knowing your customer and competitors, becoming more confident and charismatic, and succeed at closing every deal.

Month 12: Master a Foreign Language

In month twelve, you will learn the skills needed to master a foreign language. No matter what language you wish to learn more about, this program will help you master it. Knowing a foreign language is very important in the business world and you will have this important skill.

This is just the first twelve months! What you have here is a full year’s worth of personal development/life enhancement.

But aside from creating what we believe to be the BEST resource available on the market today to change and enhance your life, Steve G. Jones has decided to put just as much time and energy into making this program as affordable as possible.

In addition to these titanium recordings you will receive each month, you will also receive the corresponding daytime affirmation recording if there is one available.

Take a look at the value of becoming a member today:

  • 1 Titanium recording per month. A $259.95 value x 12 = $3,119.40
  • 1 Daytime Affirmation recording per month (if available). A $19.95 value x 12 = $239.40
  • Total Value- $3,358.80 per year…ALL for just $18.95 per month!
  • That’s right, you get almost $4,000 worth of resources for just 18.95 per month.
  • Don’t let your procrastination get the best of you this time. CAPITALIZE ON THE OPPORTUNITY NOW!

This is an Automatic Recurring Charge. Upon payment receipt you will receive your username and password to download your first product and each subsequent product every month thereafter.

You may cancel your recurring billing subscription at any time. A cancellation means that no future installments are charged to your account. Canceling a recurring billing product does not generate a refund. If you request a refund, the money for the most recent payment will be refunded back to you as long as it’s within an 8 week period. A refund for this membership subscription will also result in a cancellation.

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